Our Mission and Philosophy

At Noorysha, our fundamental mission is to improve the health of everyone who tries our product.  Science continues to emerge on the profound importance of our microbiome to our overall health.  This health has long been ignored by medicine and our food system.  We aim to help bring our customers back to a state of greater health and happiness.

Good health starts with good food and a foundation of good nutrition.  Food has traditionally always been a way that humans have maintained our health.  Fermented food has long been a part of the human diet such that our biome has developed in synergy with food and microbiome that often came along with traditional foods.  However, as our societies have moved out of nature, more to package and processed food, and relying more on antibiotics, we have lost many of the common microbes that kept our ancestors healthy. 

We restore these beneficial microbes.  We also make sure our products are simple, pure, and natural, such that all our products promote better health and better nutrition.

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