Our Founder's Story

In February 2023, our founder Jonathan Iungerich, found himself at the hospital in severe gastrointestinal distress.  This was his second trip in six months.  More distressing was that the doctors really had no solution for him and prescribed some antibiotics and sent him on his way.
He was exercising regularly and already eating a healthy diet, but he needed to find a solution.  

In researching newer science on gut health, he came across ways to cultivate several known probiotics into special yogurt-like foods.  He began making some of these at home, and they were surprisingly good tasting.

After making his first batches, his elderly mother (whom he was caring for) also became curious about the yogurt and began eating it with him.  She had gastrointestinal issues for years that the doctors had not been able to help. 

After a week, Jonathan’s mother came to him and said her gastrointestinal issues had gone away.  It was at that moment Jonathan realized there was something very powerful that could help millions of people regain their health.  After speaking with a friend who had worked for decades in the yogurt and dairy industry, he realized they could make this and bring it to the world.  Thus, Noorysha was born.

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