About YoGut

Noorysha YoGut looks and tastes like fantastic creamy yogurt but is not yogurt at all.  Unlike standard yogurt, YoGut is made from specially probiotics that dramatically improves gut health.  For many people, it only takes one to two weeks to see improved intestinal health.  Our special probiotic blend preferential populates your small intestine. These probiotics have natural antibiotic properties that primarily target overgrown or harmful bacteria.


While we are using science to create our product, our probiotics were not discovered in a lab, but in the human biome decades or even a century ago.  Our time, due to changes in our environment, most people in western societies have lost these strains of symbiotic bacteria from their gut flora.  YoGut helps reintroduce these ancient strains that allowed our ancestors to stay healthy and fit.

You can read more about our probiotics here.

YoGut comes in 2 base flavors, Creamalicious and Touch of Honey.  Additionally for those who enjoy fruit with their YoGut, we have versions of Creamalicious that have freeze dried strawberry or peach mix in.

YoGut is all natural and we are dedicated to keeping simple healthy ingredients.  Creamalicious and Touch of Honey both only have 3 ingredients.



Organic Half and Half,  Organic Potato Starch and Our probiotic blend


Touch of Honey

Organic Half and Half,  Manuka Honey and Our probiotic blend

Strawberry and Peach
Our Strawberry and Peach flavors combine our Cremalicious with whole freeze dried fruit mix-ins.  This mean no added sugar or artificial sweeteners but unique crunchy and fruity addition

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